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Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets

Tired of sifting through reams of paper for answers to your questions? Take a look at MML’s Fact Sheets.

General Law Village

Golf Carts and ORVs/ATVs on Local Streets

Gun Regulation—Local Government

Headlee Roll Back and Headlee Override Updated for 2021

Holiday Displays/Nativity Scenes NEW!

Investment Policies for Surplus Funds

Liquor Licenses for Redevelopment NEW!

Master Plan—Mastering the Updating Process

Master Plan—Five-Year Review


Metro Act and DAS/Small Cell Antenna in our Rights of Way

METRO Act – Metropolitan Extension Telecommunication Rights-of-Way Oversight (Related: Distribution of Telecomm Fees under PA 48 of 2002)

MISS DIG Underground Facility Damage & Prevention Safety Act (PA173 of 2013)

Mobile Home Rental Housing Inspections

Municipal Civil Infractions 

Municipal Expenditures (Related: Determining Lawful Expenditures & Municipal Finance)

Municipal Liens – updated June 2018

Open Meetings Act

Court of Appeals Opinion
Markel v Mackley (November 1, 2016)
The Michigan Court of Appeals ruled that email deliberations among a quorum of public body members violates the Open Meetings Act.

PA 312—Compulsory Arbitration of Labor Disputes in Police and Fire Departments

Planning Commission – Residency Requirements

Police Employment Separation Records NEW!

Public Employment Relations Act (PERA)

Public Hearings

Records Retention—Local Government Public Records

Rental Housing Inspection Lawupdated June 2019

Residency Act (Act 212 of 1999)

Residency Requirements and the Planning Commission

Revenue Sharing Fact Sheet

Right to Work for Public Employeesupdated July 2018

Sign Regulations (Reed v Town of Gilbert)

Social Districts NEW!

Social Security Number Privacy Act

Supportive Housing Properties

Taxicabs (Limousines and TNCs) – No Fees/Licensing

Water and Sewer Liensupdated June 2018

Work Sessions – Use by Legislative Bodies

Zoning:  Basic Questions

Zoning:  Nonconforming Buildings and Uses

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