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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I see detailed information about the EOA program, all in one place?

Read the EOA Handbook (pdf).

Why would someone who has already served as an elected official for several years need to participate?

Increasing citizen demands on local governments for accountability, and more and better services, along with the financial challenges of meeting those requests, have made serving in local government more difficult. The more educated and knowledgeable you are about the issues, the better able you are to serve the citizens who elected you.

Can I get EOA credit for a League seminar I took before I enrolled in the Academy?

Yes. Upon confirmation by League staff, your attendance at qualified League seminars during the four years before your enrollment in the Academy will earn credits toward your Level One award, in the “Elective” program component.

How will my progress through the four EOA Award Levels be tracked?

Each participant is asked to complete and submit the Enrollment Form on the EOA website. This allows the League to track your progress and automatically credit your attendance at League educational programs and major meetings. Non-League activities will be credited after you submit them and they are approved.

How can I see my EOA status and credits?

Go to the EOA Home page and log in with your MML website user ID and password (click here to establish a login if you don’t have one). Follow the link to the Credit Profile page. Please note, due to internal processing requirements, there is typically some lag time before credits appear on the Credit Profile page.

How do I receive EOA credit for relevant activities outside of the League?

To receive credits for participation in programs and activities offered by other organizations: go to the EOA Home Page and log in with your MML website user ID and password (click here to establish a login if you don’t have one). Follow the link to the Credit Profile page and use the Add Credits interface to submit your activities. Once approved, your participation will be reflected on your Credit Profile.

What is the difference between the Core Weekender and the Advanced Weekender?

The Core Weekender provides a solid foundational knowledge in essential municipal matters. The Core Weekender is mandatory to complete EOA Level One and it fulfills the entire Level One “Core” program component credit requirement.

Advanced Weekender courses provide opportunities to deepen your municipal expertise after having completed the Core Weekender. Advanced Weekenders are optional and earn credits in the “Elective” program component as you work toward EOA Levels Two and Three. Advanced Weekenders are presented on a rotating schedule of topics – you can attend multiple times to learn about a variety of subjects. You will earn credits for each Weekender you attend.

Will I earn EOA credits if I repeat a class?

Yes. You get full EOA credits for each class you take, even if you take the same class a second time.

What do EOA programs cost?

Many of our programs are offered at no cost to the participant. Fees for programs that are not free vary by course or event. We do our best to keep costs reasonable. Some scholarships are available.

I registered for a League training and paid the fee, but now I can’t attend. Can I get a refund?

Refunds will be given if the League is notified in writing (by fax, mail or email) at least four business days prior to an event. The registration can also be transferred to another person, who may attend instead. However, any EOA credits earned belong to the person who attended; credits are not transferable.

What if I have special needs? Who do I contact?

If you need accommodations for special needs, please contact the League at 734-669-6310, at least four business days prior to the event.

What are the benefits of participating in this program?

• Being recognized for your leadership activities and pursuit of continuing education demonstrates to constituents and colleagues your personal commitment to becoming a highly effective elected official.
• You will increase your knowledge of the laws guiding municipal governments.
• You will become more aware of the current and emerging issues your community faces.
• You will develop skills and expertise that will help you govern.
• You will be better equipped to make informed decisions that improve quality of life for citizens in your community.
• As your knowledge and credibility increase, your constituents will gain confidence in you and your local government.

I still have questions – how can I learn more?

Contact Emily Kieliszewski by email at [email protected] or by phone at 517-908-0302.

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