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Elected Officials Academy Advisory Board

The Michigan Municipal League’s Elected Officials Academy is a voluntary continuing education program established to encourage and recognize the efforts of local elected officials to become effective leaders.

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President: Raylon Leaks-May, Councilmember, Ferndale
Vice President: Dennis Hennen, Councilmember, Berkley

Term Expires at Convention 2024

Rock Abboud, Councilmember, Beverly Hills
Anita Ashford, Councilmember, Port Huron
Janet Dillon, Mayor Pro Tem, Saline
Eric Hufnagel, Commissioner, St. Johns
Mike Misteravich, Mayor Pro Tem, Richmond
George Copeland, Councilmember, Saginaw

Term Expires at Convention 2025

Colleen Brown, Mayor, Montrose
Don Gerrie, Commissioner, Sault Ste. Marie
Dennis Hennen, Councilmember, Berkley
Raylon Leaks-May, Councilmember, Ferndale
Mike DeVore, Mayor, Lowell
Jackie Boleware, Councilmember, Farmington Hills

Term Expires at Convention 2026

Laura Casey, Councilmember, Novi
Christina DeMoore, Councilmember, Petoskey
Cardi DeMonaco, Jr., Councilmember, Eastpointe
Abe Garcia, Councilmember, Wayland
Kathy Winczewski, Councilmember, Ludington
Mitch Foster, City Manager, Ludington

Past Presidents

Joe Greene, Mayor, Caro
Brenda F. Moore, Mayor Pro Tem, Saginaw
Susan Rowe, Former Mayor, Wayne
Lois Allen-Richardson, Mayor Pro Tem, Ypsilanti
Rebecca Hopp, Mayor, Ferrysburg
Josh Meringa, Councilmember,Grandville
Mary Kerwin, Former Councilmember, Troy
Ricarda Bandkau, Former Mayor, City of Brighton
David Lossing, Former Mayor, City of Linden
Patricia Capek, Former Councilmember, City of Cedar Springs
Richard Clanton, Former Mayor, City of Kentwood
Donald Tubbs, Former Mayor Pro Tem, City of Hastings
Gerald Tuzinowski, Former Councilmember, City of Algonac
LaVern Dittenber, Former Mayor, City of AuGres
Dale Zamecki, Councilmember, City of Southgate
Marty Wazbinski, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Midland
James Sinclair, Former Mayor Pro Tem, City of Rogers City
Carol Sheets, Former Mayor, City of Wyoming
Franklin Campbell, Former Mayor, City of Hastings
Robert Heilman Jr., Former President, Village of Mackinaw City

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