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About EOA Trainings and Weekender Courses

The Academy offers three signature courses through the League:

You Won! Now What? Newly Elected Officials (NEO) Training

These 3-hour evening trainings are aimed at giving first-time elected officials (and seasoned officials looking for a refresher) the essential information they’ll need to hit the ground running in their new roles. Held at varying locations throughout the state and scheduled after the fall election season ends, these sessions include basic overviews of local government, the roles and responsibilities of elected officials, the Open Meetings Act (OMA), and the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), as well as a panel discussion with seasoned elected officials.

EOA Elective Credits: 3

Core Weekender

Offered twice a year (February and May), the Core Weekender aims to equip elected municipal officials with a solid foundation of knowledge upon which to build their effectiveness as community leaders. The conveniently condensed weekend-length seminar allows participants to dive in on the fundamentals of leadership, financial management, and planning & zoning. Upon completion, attendees will be able to differentiate between the roles of the councilmember, the mayor/president, and the city manager; understand the Uniform Budgeting and Accounting Act; identify the sources of taxes and revenue sharing; use zoning checks and balances; and make effective zoning decisions. The Core Weekender is required to complete Level One of the Academy.

EOA Core Credits: 8

Advanced Weekenders

Offered twice a year (February and May), Advanced Weekenders provide an opportunity for elected officials to deepen their knowledge of municipal issues after completing the Core Weekender. Advanced Weekenders are presented on a rotating schedule of topics, so officials may attend multiple Advanced Weekenders for fresh content on a variety of subjects including leadership development and municipal finance & budgeting. Participating in Advanced Weekenders is a great way to earn the Elective credits required for Academy Levels Two and Three.

EOA Elective Credits: 9

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