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Start a Listserv for your organization! Network with your fellow colleagues across the state who share some of the same problems, questions and glories! 

The Michigan Municipal League is offering Listserv services to our affiliate and outside organizations for an annual fee. There are no additional delivery charges normally associated with a listserv, just the annual fee. Please contact Cole Janisch at [email protected] for information about listserv pricing.

What is a listserv?

A group of e-mail addresses that all receive an e-mail when an e-mail is sent to the listserv. It is just like sending an e-mail to a distribution list. The listserv makes the distribution list available to people no matter where they are. A distribution list is only available to people who are members of the same e-mail server. So a distribution listserv server is really just an e-mail server and anyone can sign up to be a member of the e-mail server.

Are there different types of listserv lists?

A listserv list can either be a one-way or two-way list. A one-way list is where the manager of the list sends out e-mails to everyone on the list, similar to a broadcast fax, only using e-mail. It’s really for distributing information. A two-way list is where anyone who is a member of the listserv can send a message and everyone on the list gets a copy of the e-mail. A recipient of the e-mail can then reply and everyone in the listserv gets the reply. A two-way listserv is used to carry on discussions.

Who will maintain the listserv list?

The list can be maintained by the League or by anyone the organization wants.  Anyone who has access to the Internet can maintain the list at anytime.

For more information about League-related listservs, please contact Cole Janisch, [email protected].

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