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Michigan Association of Mayors Listserv
Membership is limited to members of the Michigan Association of Mayors.

Village listserv
The Michigan Municipal League has established a listserv for village officials and employees. A listserv is a group of email addresses that all receive an e-mail when an e-mail is sent to the listserv address. The listserv was developed to provide a mechanism for municipal officials/employees in villages to address issues of common concern. The listserv is referred to as a two-way listserv–anyone who is a member of the listserv will be able to send a message that will be received by everyone on the list. A recipient of the e-mail can then reply and everyone in the listserv will receive the reply. If the recipient wishes to respond only to the person sending the message or to a select audience, a new and separate e-mail message should be addressed to those persons.

Membership is limited to current member village officials and employees.

If, after subscribing to the list, you wish to leave the list, you may do so by sending an email to Monica Drukis at [email protected] requesting removal from the list.

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