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There are two state laws comprising the principal ethics regulation of Michigan local government officials: the State Ethics Act, and PA 317, dealing with public contracts. In addition to these state laws, home rule allows Michigan communities to tailor ethics standards to fit local needs and expectations. Each can adopt provisions that are appropriate for a particular community in order to promote public trust in public officials and in government. Elected and appointed officials, staff, and volunteers may rely upon this stated framework within which they conduct the affairs of government.


League Publications:
Ethics Handbook for Michigan Municipalities
Misconduct in Office – One Pager Plus Fact Sheet
Standards of Conduct – One Pager Plus Fact Sheet
Contracts of Public Servants – One Pager Plus Fact Sheet
Incompatible Public Offices – One Pager Plus Fact Sheet

Ethics ordinances
Ethics policies
Charter Provisions

State Statutes:
Act 196 of 1973—Standards of Conduct for Public Officers and Employees  (the State Ethics Act)
Act 317 of 1968—Contracts of Public Servants with Public Entities

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