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There are boards and commissions that are provided for by statute, such as planning commissions, zoning boards of appeals, charter commissions, and boards of review. Then there are advisory voluntary committees, boards, and commissions that municipalities create to assist in the many governing tasks for which they are responsible. These types of boards are at the discretion of the municipal body, and they should be set up with care. The board members should know exactly what they are responsible for, what their authority is, and what they are supposed to accomplish. The board should have bylaws or meeting rules that establish basics such as how members are appointed, how long they serve, and the number that constitutes a quorum.

Sample Ordinances

Sample Applications
Jonesville (GLV)- Pop. 2,258
Grayling (HRC) – Pop. 1,884
Wyoming (HRC) – Pop. 72,125

Sample Overview/Handbooks
East Lansing (HRC) – Pop.48,579
Grand Rapids (HRC) – Pop. 188,040
Wyoming (HRC) – Pop. 72,125

East Lansing Board & Commission Training (PowerPoint) (HRC) 48,579

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