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Political boundaries are created by incorporation. They are changed by disincorporation, consolidation, annexation, or detachment.

The League has no position on which form is “best,” believing each community should be able to make the choice for itself. However, it is much easier to choose if it has the necessary tools.


Incorporating as a city or a village is a legal process through the State Boundary (SBC), as is the process for annexation. For an overview and documents needed for each procedure see: State Boundary Commission – Petitions (

League Publications:

Handbook for Municipal Officials: Boundaries and Annexation
Municipal Report: Impact of Changing from a Village to a City (PDF)
Fact Sheet: Incorporation from a Village to a City
Power Point Presentation: A Municipal Journey. . . From Village to City

Home Rule City Studies:

Manchester Citizens Advisory Committee Final Report
Manchester Incorporation FAQ

The incorporation process was updated in 2020; these samples reflect the pre-2020 process.

Chelsea Cityhood Study
Dexter Cityhood Resolution
Dexter Pros and Cons of Becoming a City
Jonesville Becoming a City

State Statutes:

State Boundary Commission Act
Home Rule City Act
Home Rule Village Act

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