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Meetings/Parliamentary Procedure

Meetings/Parliamentary Procedure

Meetings/Parliamentary Procedure
Local governments transact business through meetings.  The general rule of thumb is to conduct the public’s business in public. Deliberate so that constituents know how and why decisions are made. City and village councils should adopt rules of procedure to expedite business and provide fair and open deliberation. Rules of procedure describe the processes for councils, clerks, city administrators and citizens to bring matters before the council. The council or commission meeting is the final step in meeting community needs. Here, under public scrutiny, the municipal lawmaker must transact the business of the community based on established priorities and data that have been gathered and analyzed.


League Publications:
Meetings:  Agendas and Minutes (electronic book)
GLV Procedural QuestionsOne Pager Plus Fact Sheet
Open Meetings Act: Calling Closed MeetingsOne Pager Plus Fact Sheet
Open Meetings Act: Closed-Meeting MinutesOne Pager Plus Fact Sheet
Open Meetings Act: Definitions and RequirementsOne Pager Plus Fact Sheet
Open Meetings Act: Email QuorumOne Pager Plus Fact Sheet
Open Meetings Act: Posting RequirementsOne Pager Plus Fact Sheet
Public HearingsOne Pager Plus Fact Sheet
The Use of Work Sessions by Legislative Bodies – One Pager Plus Fact Sheet
Successful Meetings – Ch. 6 Handbook for Municipal Officials (electronic book)
Parliamentary Procedure – One Pager Plus Fact Sheet

Parliamentary Procedure – League Education Seminar Handout, speaker Connie Deford
Guide to Audience Participation, City of Ypsilanti
Personal Appearance Request Form, City of Saginaw
Council Interview Questions, Village of Mattawan
Council Application form, Village of Pinckney

Sample Council Rule (city and village samples)

Sample Charter Provisions:
Meeting Attendance, City of South Haven
Meeting Attendance, City of Tecumseh

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