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An ordinance is a local regulation. It is enacted by the local government’s governing body, and must serve a public purpose within the scope of the local governing body’s authority. As a local regulation, an ordinance is particular to the local jurisdiction enacting it—procedural processes can be different in different communities. The Home Rule Cities Act specifies that city charters must provide for the process of enacting an ordinance, as does the Home Rule Village act for home rule villages and the General Law Village Act for general law villages. These processes include adoption procedures, notices, voting requirements, and publication requirements.

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Local Ordinances  – Ch. 7 Handbook for Municipal Officials (electronic book)

Local Ordinances – Ch. 7 Handbook for General Law Village Officials (electronic book)

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Home Rule City Act (search within the statute for “ordinance”)

Home Rule Village Act (search within the statute for “ordinance”)

General Law Village Act (search within the statute for “ordinance”)

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