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Law Enforcement Loss Control Services

MML Loss Control Services’ focused law enforcement effort began in 1991, in order to serve the needs of law enforcement agencies affiliated with the coverage programs of the Michigan Municipal League. The goal of this increased focus is to reduce the potential for officer injuries and civil lawsuits that is so inherent in modern police operations. When either of these two types of incidents occur, the cost to all parties concerned is enormous — not only in dollars, but in human suffering, reduced employee morale, and shaken public confidence in law enforcement agencies.

Staffed by risk control professionals with extensive backgrounds in law enforcement and training, Loss Control Services works with Michigan police agencies to develop programs which will address elements of daily police operations that frequently lead to loss. As one would expect, many of the most critical exposure areas in terms of civil liability are also the most likely causes of police officer injuries (and therefore Workers’ Compensation claims). Among the most hazardous areas of operation are use of force incidents, arrests, and the operation of motor vehicles.

If you would like to request Law Enforcement Loss Control Services or learn more about them, please contact [email protected].

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