Programs & Services

Risk Control Solutions

ADA and the Michigan Civil Rights Act: Employment Issues

ADA Title II: Non Discriminations in Government Services, Programs, and Activities

Interactions with Angry Citizens

A Basic Plan for Preventing Back Injuries

Boiler Inspections vs Testing Maintenance

Reducing Exposures from Confined Space Entry

Contractor Risk Management

Disciplining and Discharging Legally

Distracted Driving, Roadwork, and You

Reducing the Exposure to Claims of Discrimination in Employment

Supporting Employees through an Employee Assistance Program

Employment Related Notices: A Checklist for Public Employers

An Overview of Federal and State Laws that Affect Employment

Pre-Employment Testing and Investigation

Municipal Facilities and Special Events

Excavating and Trenching

Employee Slip, Trip, and Fall Protection Programs

Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993

Emergency Planning Requirements for Fire Departments

Fire-EMS Department Cadet Programs

Liability Issues for Fire & EMS

Your Municipality and Fireworks Displays

Fleet Management for Public Entities

Preparing for Floods and Flash Floods

Basic Guidelines for Hayrides

Hazard Communication – Employee Right To Know

Protecting Your Employees from Hepatitis C

Hiring Decisions: Reducing Your Exposure to Litigation

Hot Work Program Guidance

Lightning Protection for Your Municipality

Implementing Energy Control Procedures Lockout/Tagout

MIOSHA Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Act

MIOSHA Reporting Requirements

MIOSHA Standards for TB and Bloodborne Infectious Diseases

Park and Playground Safety In Your Municipality

Preventing Fraud and Abuse of Public Funds: Local Governments Need to Do Better

Department of Public Works: A Checklist

Safety and Liability Issues for Public Works Equipment

Railroad Crossings

Handling Revenue

SARS Basic Guidelines

Preventing Sewer Backups: A Checklist for Public Works Managers

Preventing Sexual Abuse or Misconduct

Sexual Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace

Sidewalk Liability Improvement Program

Reducing the Exposure of Operating Skateboarding and In-Line Skating Facilities

Sledding Hills – Managing the Risk

Snow Removal Operations and Your Municipality

Stormwater and Wastewater Management: A Brief for Municipal Managers

Operating Public Transportation Services

The MISS DIG System for Underground Utility Location

Vehicle Fleet Management and Model Fleet Safety Policy

Vehicle Operations – Reducing the Risks (4 parts)

Thawing Frozen Underground Water Lines

Volunteers for Projects and Events

Protecting Your Employees from West Nile Virus

Reducing Exposures from Workplace Violence

Zoning Decisions: Reducing Your Exposure to Litigation

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