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Risk Management Services

The mission of the Risk Management Services Division is to provide long-term, stable, cost effective insurance for the League’s members and associate members.

Risk Management Services administers two statewide self-insurance programs:

In support of its mission, the division provides expert loss control and risk management services and information, all customized to meet the particular needs of municipal and other governmental entities:

Risk Management Resources

The League maintains a wealth of risk management resources for its members including Risk Control Solutions that offer preventive guidance, checklists, legal perspectives, and background information on fifty areas of significant risk exposure; a Safety and Health Resource Manual of model policies; and Risk Management is Good Management – a guided program for self-assessment and continuous improvement.

Law Enforcement Action Forum

The Law Enforcement Action Forum (“LEAF”) provides specialized risk management information to law enforcement leadership of the League’s member communities. The LEAF Committee is made up of Police Chiefs, Sheriffs, and Public Safety Directors from agencies of all sizes from around the state who work closely with League Loss Control staff to develop and maintain the Law Enforcement Risk Control Manual – a comprehensive collection of model policies accompanied by a rich library of related resource material.

The LEAF quarterly newsletter offers in-depth analyses, updates, and guidance on selected law enforcement topics, often timely issues of the day.

Employee Benefits

The League has formed alliances with other entities to facilitate members’ access to medical and dental insurance, retirement plans, unemployment benefits, and disability insurance for their employees.

Contact: Michael J. Forster, Director, Risk Management Services
Ph: 734.669.6340 / E-mail

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