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It is okay to say, “I need some help”
Volume 31, Issue 2
Spring 2024

Michigan’s New Red Flag Law
Volume 31, Issue 1
Winter 2024


Training is Essential
Volume 30, Issue 2
Late Fall 2023

To Lead Your Department Forward, Question Your Assumptions
Volume 30, Issue 1
Fall 2023


Perspectives on Leadership
Volume 29, Issue 3
Winter 2022

Details Matter!
Volume 29, Issue 2
Summer 2022

Slow Down and Think!
Volume 29, Issue 1
Spring 2022


Best Practices for Reserve Officer Programs
Volume 28, Issue 2
Fall 2021

Officers Are No Help if They Crash Going to the Emergency!
Volume 28, Issue 1
March 2021


Out of the Past, Into the Future:
LEAF Guidance Promoting Fair and Equitable Law Enforcement

Volume 27, Issue 1
July 2020


Distracted driving … do you think your cops are doing it? You bet they are!
Volume 26, Issue 4
December 2019

Spotting Bad Apples in the Hiring Process … A Better Way to Know
Volume 26, Issue 3
October 2019

Employee Assistance Programs:
One More Tool at Your Disposal to Support Officers’ Well-Being

Volume 26, Issue 2
June 2019

The Accreditation Process and What It Means for Your Department
Volume 26, Issue 1
February 2019


#MeToo Movement! What are the Takeaways?
Volume 25, Issue 3
Fall 2018

Contempt of Cop is Not a Legal Charge and Neither is Trumping up Other Charges to Support an Arrest!
Volume 25, Issue 2
June 2018

The Collective Wisdom of Many!
Volume 25, Issue 1
March 2018


Know What Your Officers Know!
Volume 24, Issue 5
December 2017

Michigan Sets Privacy Standards in the Law Enforcement Body-Worn Camera Privacy Act. Better Know the Vicitm’s Rights Act and FOIA Requirements!
Volume 24, Issue 4
September 2017

The Courts Speak: Handling Mentally Ill; Operating an Emergency Vehicle; Using Force on Dogs
Volume 24, Issue 3
June 2017

Handcuffing Can Be Excessive Force!
Volume 24, Issue 2
April 2017

What To Do If You Are Sued?
Volume 24, Issue 4
January 2017


The Critical Importance of Implementing a Fair and Impartial Policing Culture
Volume 23, Issue 3
October 2016

Increased Scrutiny In Officer Use of Force!
Volume 23, Issue 2
June 2016

“I Can’t Breathe!” Is Failing To Do Something A Deliberate Indifference To A Serious Medical Need?
Volume 23, Issue 1
March 2016


Sorting Through an Employee’s Assertion of Garrity Rights
Volume 22, Issue 4
December 2015

Officers Must Intercede, When They Can, If Other Officers Behave Badly!
Volume 22, Issue 3
October 2015

The Normalization of Deviance and Officer Created Jeopardy; Two Terms to Remember When Auditing Department Activity
Volume 22, Issue 2
July 2015

Don’t Let Shoddy Work Lead to a Wrongful Conviction
Volume 22, Issue 1
March 2015


Thoughts About Body Worn Cameras
Volume 21, Issue 4
December 2014

Searching a Phone Incident to Arrest Requires a Warrant & Open Carry Cases Are Evaluated by Officers’ Ability to Explain Why They Made The Stop!
Volume 21, Issue 3
October 2014

Officers Are No Help If They Crash Going To An “Emergency”!
Establishing Accountability For Decision Making Can Reduce Losses.

Volume 21, Issue 2
June 2014

Understanding Your Liability Under The Driver’s Privacy Protection Act
Volume 21, Issue 1
April 2014


Three Cases Of Importance: Court Reinforces That Diminished Capacity Must Be Taken Into Account; Chiefs Have Absolute Immunity, Maybe; Robinson Ruling Said “The Proximate Cause”, No-Fault Law Still May Make Department Pay!
Volume 20, Issue 5
December, 2013

FOIA: Still Complicated & Potentially Costly!
Volume 20, Issue 4
October, 2013

The Public Has The First Amendment Right to Record Police Activity. Can Police Seize Them As Evidence?
Volume 20, Issue 3
July, 2013

Employer Use of Fitness For Duty Evaluations
Volume 20, Issue 2
April 2013

Body Art! Is There A Policy And Is It Consistently Applied?
Volume 20, Issue 1
January 2013


Officer Response To New Hazard Could Be Critical!
Legally Possessed Electro-Muscular Disruption Weapons

Volume 19, Issue 3
October 2012

Four Recent Court Cases
“Catch and Release”, Qualified Immunity, Resisting Arrest & Strip Search

Volume 19, Issue 2
July 2012

The Medical Marihuana Act –
Thoughts and Comments on the Current State of the Law
Volume 19, Issue 1
March 2012


You Can’t Just Walk In A House!
Without a Warrant, Consent, or Exigent Circumstances it is a Constitutional Violation.

Volume 18, Issue 5
December 2011

Requiring Return-to-Work Doctor Slips for Sick Time & U.S. Supreme Court to Rule on Body Cavity Search
Volume 18, Issue 4
October 2011

Dispatch Told Me, So It Must Be True! An Officer’s Responsibility When Dispatched To An Incident
Volume 18, Issue 3
August 2011

Veterans’ Laws Regulate Employers In Hiring, Job Actions, and Granting Time Off
Volume 18, Issue 2
April 2011

Warning – The Courts Scrutinize An Officer’s Response To Encounters With At Risk Subjects!
Volume 18, Issue 1
January 2011


The Liar’s List; When Is a Cop Not a Cop; The Supreme Court Rules Employers Can Still Search
Volume 17, Issue 3
October 2010

The Michigan Court of Appeals Brings The Freedom Of Information Act Into The 21st Century. Now What?
Volume 17, Issue 2
July 2010

Whistleblowers: When Employees Become Plaintiffs!
Volume 17, Issue 1
March 2010


Don’t Wait Until The Gear Fails When Regular Maintenance Can Prevent It!
Plus: Taser Training Changes and What LEAF Thinks About It!

Volume 16, Issue 4
December 2009

Social Networking – Employees Can Have Personal Web Pages, But Employers Can Hold Them Accountable For Their Content
Volume 16, Issue 3
October 2009

The MCOLES Firearms Standard – A Baseline for Firearms Training
Volume 16, Issue 2
June 2009

OPEN CARRY: A Potential Nightmare?
Volume 16, Issue 1
April 2009


Knowing When to Say, “Hold It!”
Volume 15, Issue 4
December 2008

Just A Few Of The Latest Court Gems:
Change In Legal Status of Drug Teams; Horse Play Can Be Harassment; When Is A Contract Not A Contract
Volume 15, Issue 3
September 2008

Comments on “Regularly Employed” and another U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Case on Privacy of Information ***Reissued***
Volume 15, Issue 2
June 2008

Yes, Cops Can Practice “Catch and Release” with a Subject They Have Taken Into Custody
Volume 15, Issue 1
March 2008


Michigan Started Taser® Implementation In 2003 — How Is It Going and What We Have Learned?
Volume 14, Issue 4
December 2007

Officers Just Don’t Get It: They are Trained in More Places than the Classroom!
Volume 14, Issue 3
September 2007

U.S. Supreme Court Rules that Officers Can Use Force To Stop a Fleeing Vehicle. What Does It Mean for Michigan Law Enforcement?
Volume 14, Issue 2
July 2007

Bits and Pieces of News:
Good News on the Information Protection Front, a New Law on Police Statements & a New Hit from the Sixth Circuit
Volume 14, Issue 1
March 2007


Reserve Officer Programs — Are You Doing It Right or, at Least, Legally?
Volume 13, Issue 4
December 2006

Why Michigan Police Agencies Should Embrace a Policy to Record Certain Custodial Interrogations
Volume 13, Issue 3
October 2006

Tips For Successful Employee Discipline And Discharge
Just in case the background investigation was not good enough!
Volume 13, Issue 2
June 2006

A Legitimate And Thorough Background Investigation Is Your Best Defense Against Hiring Bad Employees…
Supervision and Documentation Is The Remedy If You Already Have!
Volume 13, Issue 1
March 2006


A Public Employer’s Right to Search in the Workplace
Volume 12, Issue 4
December 2005

LEAF’s New Legal Advisor Shares Her Vision for Avoiding Entrapment with Enforcement Executives!
Volume 12, Issue 3
September 2005

LEAF – The Wisdom of Jim DeGrazia
The Manual and New Material on the Web

Volume 12, Issue 2
June 2005

Taser – The Michigan Municipal League’s Liability and Property Pool And Workers’ Compensation Fund Stand On Electrical Current Weapons
Volume 12, Issue 1
March 2005


The “Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act” – A Legal Quagmire
Volume 11, Issue 4
December 2004

“Reasonable Suspicion” Drug & Alcohol Testing
Volume 11, Issue 3
September 2004

The Truth Is In the Details
Safety Is Never An Accident. It Is The Product Of Thoughtful Effort.
Volume 11, Issue 2
June 2004

There Is Money On The Table!
Things you can control to reduce your losses due to accident, liability or injury
Volume 11, Issue 1
March 2004


Follow Up on Issues from Past Newsletters
Volume 10, Issue 4
December 2003

If You’re Going To Be a Leader, The Devil’s In the Details
Volume 10, Issue 3
October 2003

Encounters with the Mentally Ill – Managing the Process
Volume 10, Issue 2
June 2003

Less Lethal Weapons
Volume 10, Issue 1
March 2003


The Freedom of Information Act
Volume 9, Issue 4
December 2002

Volume 9, Issue 3
September 2002

MIOSHA Affects Law Enforcement
Volume 9, Issue 2
June 2002

The Responsibility is Yours! Emergency Response Plan
Volume 9, Issue 1
March 2002


Racial Profiling – Issues & Solutions
Volume 8, Issue 3
October 2001

Rapid Entry During Incidents of Active Violence
Volume 7, Issue 2
June 2001

The New Crime Victim’s Rights Act Requires ACTION by All Departments
Volume 7, Issue 1
March 2001


Defensive Tactics
Volume 6, Issue 4
December 2000

Michigan’s New Law Regarding Police Operation of Vehicles
Volume 6, Issue 3
September 2000

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