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Village Listserv Rules/Guidelines

The Michigan Municipal League established a listserv for village officials and employees to provide a mechanism for addressing issues of common concern, and to share and benefit from each others experiences. To make this a valuable experience for everyone on the listserv, we have developed some membership and usage guidelines.

By joining and using the Michigan Municipal League’s village listserv, you agree to read and follow these rules and guidelines:


  • Membership is limited to current member General Law Village or Home Rule Village officials and employees. The MML verifies applications against our municipal database.
  • Identify your name, village, and position with in all postings and responses.
  • The listserv will “turn over” once a year. You will be asked to sign up and be added to the listserv once every year after elections. (if you resign from office/employment please notify us so we can maintain an accurate list of current listserv members)
  • A list of listserv members will be made available to anyone interested.


  • Only reply to the entire list when it contains information from which everyone can benefit. If you want to reply to one person, do not hit the “reply” button–this will send your message to everyone on the listserv. You can forward the email and copy and paste the email address of the person to whom you want to respond.
  • Fill in the subject line–this is for the benefit of receivers to identify the content of the messages in their inboxes.
  • If you want to thank an individual for his/her answer, or wish someone well, or communicate one-on-one, please do so to the individual, not the entire listserv. With a busy listserv, and with other emails each member may be receiving on their own, email inboxes can quickly get clogged.
  • Think of the listserv as an educational tool. It is a means of sharing information, documents, and past experiences with particular issues and problems. Please use it in the positive way it was intended—not as a forum for personal issues or agendas or private business use.
  • Last but not least, please be aware that communications for a governmental purpose can be construed as public documents under the Freedom of Information Act. This is a responsibility that must be self-monitored. Be mindful of what you say–it could become part of the public domain.
 YES – I agree to the conditions stated above in the rules and guidelines.

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