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League Member Communities

League members are Michigan cities, villages and urban townships as well as several affiliate organizations.Please click on a letter to view members of the Michigan Municipal League in alphabetical order.

Mackinac Island – Full Member

Mackinaw City – Full Member

Macomb Township – Limited Associate

Macon Township – Limited Associate

Madison Charter Township – Full Associate

Madison Heights – Full Member

Mancelona – Full Member

Manchester – Full Member

Manistee – Full Member

Manistique – Full Member

Manton – Full Member

Maple Grove Township – Limited Associate

Maple Rapids – Full Member

Maple Valley Township – Limited Associate

Marathon Area Fire Authority – Limited Associate

Marcellus – Full Member

Marine City – Full Member

Marine City Area Fire Authority – Limited Associate

Marion – Full Member

Marlette – Full Member

Marquette – Full Member

Marquette Board of Light & Power – Limited Associate

Marquette County – Full Associate

Marquette County Department of Health – Limited Associate

Marquette County Medical Care Facility – Limited Associate

Marquette Downtown Development Authority – Limited Associate

Marshall – Full Member

Marshall District Library – Limited Associate

Martin – Full Member

Martin Township – Limited Associate

Martiny Township – Limited Associate

Marysville – Full Member

Marysville Housing Commission – Limited Associate

Mason – Full Member

Masonville Township – Limited Associate

Mathias Township – Limited Associate

Mattawan – Full Member

Maybee – Full Member

Mayville – Full Member

McBain – Full Member

McBride – Full Member

McMillan Township – Limited Associate

Mecosta – Full Member

Melrose Township – Limited Associate

Melvin – Full Member

Melvindale – Full Member

Memphis – Full Member

Mendon – Full Member

Menominee – Full Member

Mentor Township – Limited Associate

Meridian Charter Township – Full Member

Merrill – Full Member

Metamora – Full Member

Metamora Township – Limited Associate

Metro Narcotics Enforcement Team – Limited Associate

Metro Police Authority of Genesee County – Limited Associate

Michiana – Full Member

Michigan Public Power Agency – Full Associate

Michigan Townships Association – Full Associate

Middleville – Full Member

Midland – Full Member

Midland City/County Joint Building Authority – Limited Associate

Mid-Michigan Water Authority – Limited Associate

Mid-Michigan Area Group Narcotics Enforcement Team – Limited Associate

Mid-Michigan Community Fire Board District – Limited Associate

Milan – Full Member

Milan Public Library – Limited Associate

Milford – Full Member

Milford Charter Township – Limited Associate

Millbrook Rolland Fire Department – Limited Associate

Millbrook Township – Limited Associate

Millersburg – Full Member

Millington – Full Member

Mills Township – Limited Associate

Minden City – Full Member

Missaukee County – Full Associate

Missaukee District Library – Limited Associate

Monitor Charter Township – Limited Associate

Monroe – Full Member

Monroe Area Narcotics Team and Investigative Services – Limited Associate

Montague – Full Member

Montague Fire District – Limited Associate

Montcalm Care Network – Limited Associate

Montcalm County – Limited Associate

Montcalm County Central Dispatch Authority – Limited Associate

Montcalm Township – Limited Associate

Montgomery – Full Member

Montmorency County – Limited Associate

Montrose – Full Member

Montrose Charter Township – Limited Associate

Moore Public Library – Limited Associate

Morenci – Full Member

Morley – Full Member

Morrice – Full Member

Morton Township – Limited Associate

Moscow Township – Limited Associate

Mount Clemens – Full Member

Mount Morris – Full Member

Mount Morris Charter Township – Limited Associate

Mount Pleasant – Full Member

Muir – Full Member

Mundy Charter Township – Limited Associate

Munising – Full Member

Muskegon – Full Member

Muskegon Central Dispatch 9-1-1 – Limited Associate

Muskegon Charter Township – Limited Associate

Muskegon County – Full Associate

Muskegon Heights – Full Member

Muskegon Heights Housing Commission – Limited Associate

Muskegon Housing Commission – Limited Associate

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