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Why did MML create The Alliance?

One of the Michigan Municipal League’s primary goals – as outlined by our founders back in 1899 and still a priority today – is to educate elected and appointed officials in Michigan. Every bit of education we provide helps our cities and villages provide better, more effective, more efficient service to citizens. We strive to provide our members with up-to-date information on issues, programs, technology – and vendor products and services.

The Alliance was established to encourage companies serving local government to forge a stronger partnership with the League to meet these goals.

We consider you a key player in our ability to educate our officials – to help them provide better service. You are, without a doubt, an essential component in the success of local government.

As a vendor to Michigan’s municipalities, you have contributed greatly to the Michigan Municipal League’s longevity and success. And we hope that we play a leading role in your success.

The Alliance was designed with input from current program participants. It includes features you’ve requested, and is intended to provide you with improved access to your primary market – Michigan’s city and village officials. There is a level of participation to meet every promotional budget.

Enroll today, and begin a more positive relationship with the Michigan Municipal League and with the cities and villages we both serve.

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