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The League’s Business Alliance Program

The Michigan Municipal League has been the one clear voice for Michigan communities since 1899, working to educate, inspire, and represent hundreds of municipalities across the state. With 125 years of experience, we’ve earned a solid reputation with local officials.

Creating relationships is an important part of what we do. The Business Alliance provides us with a valuable network of experts who assist us in carrying out our mission.

For information about the Business Alliance Program, contact [email protected].

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Current list of Alliance Participants

Meeting the challenges of governing

The MML staff is a team of experts in the local government arena. Adhering to the League’s mission statement, outlined by our founders in 1899, the staff provides services to help local governments meet their daily challenges:

  • Education and conferences
  • Field service
  • Management consulting services
  • Information and legal services
  • Research and publications
  • Employee benefit programs
  • Risk management services
  • Advocacy of local issues at the state and federal levels

For more than a century, local officials and business leaders have given generously of their time and vision to improve their communities and to strengthen local government. You can be part of this legacy. Enroll your company in the League’s Business Alliance.

Why should you be part of The Alliance?

Like your company, the Michigan Municipal League exists to serve local governments. With 125 years of experience behind us, we’ve earned a solid reputation with local officials.

The Alliance was created to enable companies to partner with us in our mission to improve the quality of local government. From your marketing perspective, this program is designed to provide you with improved access to your primary market – Michigan’s city and village officials.

From the League’s perspective, the program is designed to nurture a field of experts that we can call on when we need assistance in a number of areas – answering members’ questions, speaking at seminars and convention sessions, writing articles for our magazine, developing resource material for our web site, collaborating on publications, and more.

If you want to increase your visibility with local governments in Michigan, take a look at the Business Alliance Program and the marketing tools that are part of the program. If you’re marketing actively to local governments through advertising and exhibiting, the discounts our Alliance participants receive on those tools quickly pay back the enrollment fee. No one knows your company better than you do. No one knows local government better than the Michigan Municipal League. We will be happy to recommend marketing tools to help your business grow in Michigan.

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