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Safety and Health Resource Manual

The Michigan Municipal League Workers’ Compensation Fund Loss Control Department developed the Safety and Health Resource Manual as a tool that its Members can use when developing policies for their Loss Control Program.

A municipality can prevent accidents and injuries by controlling the work environment and its employees’ actions. For this reason, management should implement a Loss Control Program. Although this may add to management’s obligations, organizations that have effective loss control programs have a working environment in which employees can operate economically, efficiently, and safely.

As part of this program, management should develop and implement a policy manual. A manual is absolutely essential in today’s complex, competitive, and regulation-ridden work environment. Good written policies do more than help supervisors and managers make difficult decisions and enforce rules. They provide the framework and background for such decisions, so that supervisors can explain to their subordinates (and to themselves) why a certain action or decision is the right one under the circumstances.

This eighteen-chapter manual covers a wide array of general subjects such as Safety Programs and Safety Committees, Safety-Related Employment Practices and MIOSHA. It also has chapters that relate to specific technical subjects including Confined Space Entry, Personal Protective Equipment and Lock-out/Tagout Programs. In addition, the manual contains sample policies that the municipality can tailor to meet its specific needs.

The best policy is one that arises from the best decisions of the past. It should incorporate the careful thought, the good judgment, and the valuable experience of all managers who have faced problems or decisions in a particular policy area. Most important, a good policy is a natural outgrowth of the organization’s management philosophy and overall objectives. It helps management direct the organization according to its established goals and mission. Use of this manual can only add to the effectiveness of the policy development process.

If you are a member of the Fund or Pool and have questions about the Safety and Health Manual, please contact MML Pool & Fund Loss Control Supervisor Matt Heins at: [email protected].

Online Manual

Table of Contents Word doc PDF
1 Introduction
Why You Should Put Policies and Procedures In Writing 1-A-1 Word doc PDF
Basic Elements of a Loss Control Program 1-B-1 Word doc PDF
Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Act 2-A-1 Word doc PDF
MIOSHA Inspection Procedure 2-B-1 Word doc PDF
Michigan Safety & Health on the Job Poster (Unnumbered) PDF
MIOSHA 300 Form-Log Of Work Related Injuries and Illness (Unnumbered) PDF
MIOSHA 300A Form-Summary of Work Related Injuries (Unnumbered) PDF
MIOSHA 301 Form-Injury and Illness Incident Report (Unnumbered) PDF
MIOSHA MSDS Poster (Unnumbered) PDF
MIOSHA MSDS List (Unnumbered) PDF
3 Safety Program/Safety Committees
Safety Policy and Program 3-A-1 Word doc PDF
Purpose of Safety Committees 3-B-1 Word doc PDF
Accident Cause Analysis Worksheet 3-C-1 Word doc PDF
Developing a Safety & Health Program 3-D-1 Word doc PDF
Self-Evaluation: Safety Program Effectiveness 3-E-1 Word doc PDF
Organizing a Municipal Safety Committee 3-F-1 Word doc PDF
Safety Incentive Programs 3-G-1 Word doc PDF
4 Safety-Related Employment Practices
Hiring Safe Employees 4-A-1 Word doc PDF
An Overview of Federal and State Laws 4-B-1 Word doc PDF
Employee Training-Sample Checklist 4-C-1 Word doc PDF
Drug Policies 4-D-1 Word doc PDF
5 Accident Investigation
Accident Investigation 5-A-1 Word doc PDF
Investigative Procedures 5-B-1 Word doc PDF
Problem Solving Techniques 5-C-1 Word doc PDF
6 Hazard Communication
The Hazard Communication Standard 6-A-1 Word doc PDF
Sample Hazard Communication Program 6-B-1 Word doc PDF
7 Personal Protective Equipment
Personal Protective Equipment: Introduction 7-A-1 Word doc PDF
Sample Personal Protective Equipment Policy and Program 7-B-1 Word doc PDF
Sample Hearing Conservation Program 7-C-1 Word doc PDF
8 Machine Guarding
Sample Machine Guarding Policy and Procedure 8-A-1 Word doc PDF
Machine Safeguarding: Using the Quarter-Inch Rule 8-B-1 Word doc PDF
Machine Guarding Checklist 8-C-1 Word doc PDF
9 Lockout/Tagout and GFCI
Implementing Energy Control Procedures 9-A-1 Word doc PDF
MIOSHA’s Lockout/Tagout: Key Elements 9-B-1 Word doc PDF
Sample Lockout/Tagout Procedure 9-C-1 Word doc PDF
Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter 9-D-1 Word doc PDF
10 Confined Space Entry
Reducing Exposures from Confined Space Entry 10-A-1 Word doc PDF
Sample Permit-Required Confined Space Written Program 10-B-1 Word doc PDF
Alternate Entry Procedure 10-C-1 Word doc PDF
11 Powered Industrial Trucks
Powered Industrial Trucks: Operator Training 11-A-1 Word doc PDF
Powered Industrial Trucks: Safe Operating Procedures 11-B-1 Word doc PDF
Powered Industrial Trucks: Operational Checklist 11-C-1 Word doc PDF
12 Motor Vehicle Operations
A Management Brief 12-A-1 Word doc PDF
Developing a Motor Vehicle Operations Policy 12-B-1 Word doc PDF
Hiring and Training to Reduce Losses 12-C-1 Word doc PDF
Motor Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance 12-D-1 Word doc PDF
Sample Motor Vehicle Safety Policy and Program 12-E-1 Word doc PDF
13 Back Injury Prevention
A Basic Plan for Preventing Back Injuries 13-A-1 Word doc PDF
Back Injury Prevention Program 13-B-1 Word doc PDF
The Back Belt Issue 13-C-1 Word doc PDF
14 Ergonomics
Sample Ergonomics Program 14-A-1 Word doc PDF
Video Display Terminal Ergonomics 14-B-1 Word doc PDF
Sample Policy Statements 14-C-1 Word doc PDF
15 Slips, Trips and Falls
Reducing Employee Slips, Trips and Falls 15-A-1 Word doc PDF
Fall Prevention and Control 15-B-1 Word doc PDF
16 Occupational Health
Occupational Health Concerns: An Overview 16-A-1 Word doc PDF
Bloodborne Pathogens: Sample Policy 16-B-1 Word doc PDF
Bloodborne Pathogens: Sample Exposure Control Plan 16-C-1 Word doc PDF
Bloodborne Pathogens Compliance Checklist 16-D-1 Word doc PDF
Tuberculosis Guidelines 16-E-1 Word doc PDF
17 Housekeeping/Maintenance
Housekeeping Practices 17-A-1 Word doc PDF
18 Checklists and Tools
Safety and Workplace Inspections 18-A-1 Word doc PDF
Monthly Safety Checklist 18-B-1 Word doc PDF
Inspection Checklist 18-C-1 Word doc PDF
Safety Inspection Checklist 18-D-1 Word doc PDF
Ladder Inspection Checklist 18-E-1 Word doc PDF
Flammable Liquids Checklist 18-F-1 Word doc PDF
Municipal Safety Program Checklist 18-G-1 Word doc PDF
Department of Public Works Internal Operations:
A Checklist
18-H-1 Word doc PDF
Hand and Power Tool Inspection 18-I-1 Word doc PDF
Playground Safety Checklist 18-J-1 Word doc PDF
Resource Directory 18-K-1 Word doc PDF
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