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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would someone already serving as an elected official for several years need to participate?

Increasing citizen demands on local governments for accountability, for more and better services, along with financial challenges to meet those requests, have made serving in local government more difficult. The more educated and knowledgeable you are about the issues, the better able you are to serve the citizens who elected you.

How will my previous training be recognized?

Elective course credits accumulated by attending qualified League seminars during the four years previous to the official’s enrollment in the Academy may apply toward Level One: Education Award. League staff will confirm your attendance at past courses.

What are the benefits of participating in this program?

• You will become more aware of current and emerging issues which your community will face as we move forward in the new millennium.

• You will personally develop knowledge of the laws guiding municipal government and develop skills and expertise that will help you as you govern in your community.

• As you increase your knowledge and credibility, your constituents will gain confidence in you and your local government.

• You will be better equipped to make informed decisions that improve the quality of life for citizens in your community.

• By continuing to improve your knowledge and decision-making ability, you will become a better leader.

• Being recognized as an “educated” elected official demonstrates to your constituents that you have taken the time to improve yourself by attending workshops and performing leadership activities.

How will my progress be tracked?

Each participant will be asked to complete and submit the enrollment form on the website. This enrollment form is necessary for the League to track each official’s attendance at League educational programs and major meetings. To receive additional credit for participation in approved educational programs offered by private or public organizations, you enter the credits on the website under either “Leadership Credits” or “Education Credits.” Once they are approved, they will be reflected on the website. You can check your progress at any time online. You simply go to the EOA page and enter your user ID and password.

Why have you added the Advanced Elective Weekender?

Many officials who attended the Core Course Weekender felt that the experience was so valuable in learning and networking that they requested an advanced course.

The Advanced Elective Weekenders will offer varying courses that will appeal to officials as they strive to advance their knowledge and expertise in local governing. The Advanced Weekender is not mandatory. It is for your convenience.

Are you allowed to repeat the same class and still get EOA credits?

Yes, you will still get the full amount of EOA credits for taking the same class again.

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