Education & Events

General Information

Eligibility for Participation

The EOA is provided as a service of the League. It is open to all elected officials in member Michigan communities. Administrative staff may attend any educational program but may not enroll in the EOA.

Credit Information

The amount of credit each course receives is equal to the length of the course. For example, a three-hour class is worth three credits.


When you become an elected official, you are automatically a member of the EOA. However, you need to activate your membership by registering. You will receive an email confirmation.

Fee Payment

Many of our programs are at no cost to the participant. It will vary from program to program. However, if there is payment involved, and the original registrant is not able to attend, the registration can be transferred to another person. However, EOA credit is not transferable.


Refunds will be given if the League is notified in writing, by fax, mail or email, at least four business days prior to the event.

Special Needs

Those needing special accommodations should contact the League at least four business days prior to the event at 734-669-6310.

Best Wishes

We would like to make it as easy as possible for you to participate in this program and be recognized for taking extraordinary steps to keep abreast of trends, technology, laws and issues that will affect local units of government in the coming years.

Good luck!

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