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Department of Homeland Security

The White House – Homeland Security

PDF Local Officials Guide to Domestic Terrorism: Resources for Local Governments
National League of Cities offers Local Officials Guide on Domestic Terrorism Preparedness. This link requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

Humanitarian Resource Institute Biodefense Reference Library
Eastern USA: (203) 668-0282 Western USA: (775) 884-4680
Web site:
Email: [email protected]

In response to increased threats involving biological weapons of mass destruction, a Biodefense Reference Library has been added to the Humanitarian Resource Institute web site. The target audience includes agricultural and public health professionals in approx. 3100 counties.

Included on this site is an Academic Discussion Platform (password protected – requires the completion of an online registration form) for private dialogue, discussion and sensitive information associated with biodefense issues. The focus of this grass roots forum will include briefings, educational materials, discussion topics, articles and resources associated with agricultural and public health infrastructure protection.

Michigan Department of State Police Emergency Management Division

Military Leave Policies

Federal Emergency Management Agency

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