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The Review is the only statewide magazine published specifically for the city and village market. The Review is the official magazine of the Michigan Municipal League, the state’s association of cities and villages, founded in 1899.

Over 20,000 readers rely on Michigan Municipal Review for valuable information about issues and trends affecting Michigan’s local governments. Readers are elected officials and department directors in more than 530 cities and villages, over 900 townships and dozens of counties throughout the state, plus elected and appointed officials at every level of state government.

Of readers with purchasing authority, more than 90 percent report that they contact MMR advertisers when they are ready to hire a consultant or make a purchase.

Print Circulation: 20,000;

Print Readership by Municipal Job Function
City Management 3.58%
Elected Officials 32.06%
Finance Officers 12.23%
Public Safety (police, fire, EMS) 7.58%
Information Services 4.41%
Legal 6.01%
Public Works 16.28%
Community Development 4.58%
Human Resources 2.44%
Other: 10.82%
(Township officials, county officials, Alliance participants, municipal authorities, other state municipal leagues, Michigan’s state and federal senators and representatives.)

For information about advertising in The Review, please email [email protected].

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