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If an injury is of a catastrophic nature or results in death, your designated claim representative should be notified immediately. Report to MIOSHA if appropriate.

  • If you have questions at any point about a claim or possible claim, contact Meadowbrook Claims Service at 800-752-7477.
  • An Employer’s Report of Injury  form must be completed for all injuries sustained on the job. Use this form regardless of medical treatment or disability status.
  • If the employee has returned to work, be sure to complete the “Date Returned To Work” question on the form. If the “Date Returned To Work” is left blank, the claims team will contact you to determine wage loss benefit eligibility.
  • The Employer’s Report of Injury can be submitted directly online by clicking the “Submit” button; saved and emailed; or printed and sent by mail or fax.


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Email: [email protected]
Fax: 616-649-1796

  • Submit the employer’s internal incident report and other internal documentation as well, if applicable.
  • Submit medical records, notes and bills, and lost wages when available. Do NOT hold the Report of Injury form while waiting for medical or lost wage documentation. Send the Report of Injury immediately and submit additional information as it becomes available.
  • You will receive a copy by email of all forms submitted online.
  • On all lost-time claims, a claims representative will call you within 48 hours.


  • The Workers’ Compensation Agency Emergency Rules dated 3/30/20 and 10/16/20, which established and extended coverage for First Responder Employees diagnosed with COVID-19 between 3/30/20 and 3/20/21, have expired without further extension. Therefore, employees with COVID-19 diagnoses dated 3/21/21 or later are not eligible for coverage under presumption of work-related injury.


  • The Michigan Workers’ Compensation Act states that the employer shall furnish reasonable medical, surgical, and/or hospital services as needed for injuries sustained on the job, and that the employee is required to treat with a physician / medical facility of the employer’s choice for the first twenty-eight (28) days of disability.
  • It is advised that the employer designate a medical clinic / facility for the initial treatment of workers who are not seriously injured. Suggestions for selecting an occupational clinic can be found here. If a medical clinic / facility cannot be designated, a medical referral policy or procedure should be in place.
  • When an injury is reported, if medical care is necessary, send the employee to the designated medical clinic / facility. If no such designation exists, follow your medical referral policy or procedure.
  • Subsequent care with service providers other than the employer-designated facility should be pre-approved by the claims representative assigned to the case.

LITIGATED CASES – Notice of Hearing/Attorney Letters

  • If you receive a Notice of Hearing, Notice of Mediation, court petition or attorney letter regarding an employee, keep a copy for your files and forward the original without delay by mail to: Meadowbrook Claims Service at 3196 Kraft SE, Suite 206, Grand Rapids MI 49512-2065; by email to; or by fax to: 616-649-1796. If you have immediate questions concerning the litigation, please contact the Claims office at 800-752-7477 for assistance.
  • Meadowbrook Claims will assign counsel and contact you about the status of the case and any additional information or steps that may be required. If attendance at hearings is required, you will be notified.
  • DO NOT provide any information or records directly to the employee or their attorneys. Refer inquiries to the adjuster assigned to the claim or, if not yet assigned, contact the Claims office at 800-752-7477 for assistance.

CLAIMS TIPS – Points to Remember

  • Supervisors and other personnel should agree in advance on who is responsible for preparing Report of Injury forms, completing internal incident investigations and reports, and coordinating claims.
  • Investigate injuries promptly. Obtain a detailed history from the employee about how the injury happened, what type of injury occurred, and what body parts were affected.
  • Report injuries promptly to the MML Workers’ Compensation Fund/Meadowbrook Claims Service. Delays in reporting can complicate claim processing and prolong disability. In some cases, delay may also directly cost your municipality penalties.

If you have questions, always feel free to contact the MML Fund/
Meadowbrook Claims Service: 800-752-7477.

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