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May 23, 2019

Legislative Activity Update

As the Legislature moves towards a potential summer recess, a number of keys issues have dominated the political landscape - Auto Insurance Reform Most of the recent work in Lansing has centered on the House and Senate movement of auto no-fault…
December 6, 2018

Bills Correct Court Decision Concerns Under PA 152

A recent court decision has disrupted how many communities have been operating under PA 152 of 2011, the state's hard cap/80-20 law.  Both the House and Senate are considering bills that would address two key components of the recent Command…
October 19, 2018

Pre-Election Legislative Wrap Up & Lame Duck Predictions

Earlier this month the Legislature wrapped up its pre-election session schedule, meeting for nine days between Labor Day and the first week of October.  Both chambers recessed on October 4th until their scheduled return on November 7th, following the General…
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