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On-site Training Programs

Schedule a Michigan Municipal League Training for your Community!

Michigan Municipal League seminars are well known for putting excellent presenters in front of communities all across the state. Join the ranks of these knowledge-filled elected officials by inviting one of the presenters to virtually present to your municipality. Our educational seminars are designed with your needs in mind and packed with advantages:

  • More economical for training a large number of people
  • Enhance team-building and camaraderie as peers learn together

Advanced On-Site Training

Building a High-Functioning Leadership Team

This full-day workshop is designed to assist elected and appointed officials in bridging seemingly disparate roles and responsibilities to form a leadership team capable of effectively tackling the complicated goals and interests of your community. Learn more.

Standard On-Site Training

Essentials of Local Government

The Essentials of Local Government training consists of a customizable mix of core topics that help educate elected and appointed officials on the basic functions they will need to know in their role as a public leader. Pick and choose from the following topics to be covered in this three-hour training: Introduction to League Services; Overview of Basic Local Government; Roles and Responsibilities; Open Meetings Act, and Freedom of Information Act.

Parliamentary Procedure

Do your meetings run smoothly? Is your council or board debating issues until late into the night? By using parliamentary procedure, you can gain control and have more productive meetings. This basic guide to fair and orderly procedure in meetings helps keep discussions focused and helps you accomplish the business on the agenda. This session focuses on council meetings, with all of the problems and interruptions that can complicate them. Quorums and types of motions will be explained and demonstrated. Participants also learn about the basic principles and objectives of parliamentary procedure, knowledge of charters, amendments, handling motions, debate, public hearings, voting requirements, and agendas.

Everything Meetings

Geared to help public bodies conduct smooth, well-run, legal meetings, this training intertwines the rules of parliamentary procedure and the legal aspects of the Open Meetings Act.  Quorums and types of motions will be explained and demonstrated.

League on-site training seminars are three hours long. In-person onsites will be $1800 (Members) and $2,250 (Nonmembers). Virtual onsites are $1440 (Members) and $1800 (Nonmembers). The onsite fees are inclusive of all expenses.

To schedule one of the above programs in your municipality, contact us at [email protected].

Human Resources Trainings

For Human Resources-related trainings and seminars, League members can attend programs hosted by the American Society of Employers (ASE) at the ASE member rate. Visit for a calendar of their events.

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