State of Your League 2010 Report

5 | A Look Inside the League

Doing More with Less
As our communities make tough decisions about staffing levels, so has the League. Since 2000, we have reduced our workforce by 32 percent primarily through attrition. This means doing more with less, making sure the “right people are on the bus,” and better aligning resources with members’ needs in today’s economic climate. By working smarter, we’ve been able to start several new initiatives while also maintaining our core member services.

We’ve also reduced costs by restructuring the health insurance offerings to our employees. The result of this 2008 change is significantly lower premiums and a real cost savings to the League. Cost per staff member:








Dues Revenue/Membership
Sensitive to members’ declining revenues, dues were cut by 10 percent in the 2005-06 budget year, frozen for 2009-10, and the League is looking to cut another 12 percent for 2010-11. That’s a total savings of over 25 percent.







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