State of Your League 2010 Report

2 | Social Media

The League has always been focused on serving its members, but now, thanks to the wide range of internet tools, we are reaching an even larger audience. The League is actively involved in social media outlets, including the Let’s Save Michigan initiative, our website (mml.org), Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc., to promote our mission, members, and communities. The numbers speak for themselves and continue to grow daily (statistics from February 2010).

437,110 page views at mml.org so far in 2010

522,086 page views &
over 20,000 subscribers as of April 2010

22,000+ listeners
per radio program

822 League fans
Let’s Save Michigan fans

522 League followers
901 Let’s Save Michigan followers

1,498 views of 503 League photos


“The League helps its members in so many different ways from networking with businesses and other League members to training and lobbying in Lansing. They make our job as elected leaders much more manageable.”

Jeff Jenks, 09-10 League President, Huntington Woods Mayor Pro Tem


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