RFP Sharing Service

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RFP Sharing Service

Did you know there’s a brand new benefit we’ve added to League membership? Thanks to our new RFP Sharing Service, League members can now use the League’s Business Alliance Program (BAP) to help get their community’s RFPs to more prospective bidders.

The League’s BAP is a collection of companies that specialize in serving the municipal marketplace and they can all be accessed through the League.  If you are relying only on traditional advertising to reach them, you are missing a free opportunity to improve the competitiveness of your bid process.

con expoHow it Works

To get your RFP distributed to the right companies in our BAP program, simply e-mail a PDF version of the RFP or bid specifications to [email protected] and we will do the rest. We’ll email your RFP to the primary contact at all of the Alliance-participating companies offering the service you need. You will also receive a list of the companies that received your RFP, with complete contact information so you can follow up!

That’s right. No more long hours searching for the right companies to receive your RFP. No more copy, postage and handling costs to compile and mail all those packets. Just one easy step is all it takes.

To enhance this new service, we have also created a sample RFP page.  If you’ve never written an RFP before, or you want to take a peek at what others have written, check out our new information page. We have sample RFPs available on our website.

It’s just one more way the League is here to help our members serve their communities even better than before!

Please note: RFPs are not posted on the League’s website and are not made available by the League to service providers outside of the Business Alliance Program.

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