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In 2014, the City of Jackson became the first community in Michigan to adopt an open data ordinance, which makes data the city tracks free and open to the public. The goal of open data policies are to create government transparency, enhance efficiency, improve services, and increase civic engagement. By sharing information through an online portal, residents, nonprofit leaders, business owners, and others can access and use data to help identify problems and create solutions to community issues.

Publications & Reports
City Open Data Policies, National League of Cities
Guidelines for Open Data Policies, The Sunlight Foundation
Open Data Field Guide, Socrata
Open New York, New York State
The Open Data Handbook,

Additional Resources
Open Government Partnership
U.S. Open Data Institute
Code for America Brigades

Sample Open Data Policies
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(HRC=Home Rule City  GLV=General Law Village)

Jackson, MI (HRC, pop. 33, 534)
Bloomington, IN (Pop. 82,575)
Chicago, IL (Pop. 2,719,000)
Madison, WI (Pop. 243,344)
South Bend, IN (Pop. 100,886)

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