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Pattern Book Homes for 21st Century Michigan

By taking a cue from historic precedents, cutting down on the cost of design, and offering zoning reform tools to streamline review, this two-volume set of guides and copyright-free construction plans is giving communities the tools to create new homes right where residents want to live.

Volume I: This Used to Be Normal

What’s old is new again—and a beloved chapter in architectural history can be a part of our strategy for tackling Michigan’s shortage of homes. To that end, the League offered This Used to Be Normal: Pattern Book Homes for 21st Century Michigan, released in September 2022.

Learn more – Volume I page.

Volume II: The Missing Middle Mixtape

Sequel to the successful first volume, The Missing Middle Mixtape: More Pattern Book Homes for 21st Century Michigan creates a remix on the theme of Pattern Book Homesinspired designs that can be used to spur new housing construction in Michigan cities.

Learn more – Volume II page.

Illustration of all Pattern Book Homes plans.

Volume I or Volume II, the goal is the same: changing hearts and minds to welcome more and different housing formats into the neighborhoods we already love. Because at the Michigan Municipal League, we love where you live.

For support with using these plans in your community, or to share your experience, contact project lead Melissa Milton-Pung, MHP, EDFP, at [email protected], or Richard Murphy, AICP, at [email protected]

This project was funded by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation as part of the Redevelopment Ready Communities program. The Michigan Municipal League provided concept ideation, narrative, and project management. East Arbor Architects produced the home patterns. Piper + Gold Public Relations provided graphic design and layout of the guides.

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