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The Michigan Municipal League’s Unemployment Fund Group Account

The League’s Unemployment Compensation Fund provides a comprehensive unemployment compensation solution for our participating members.  The Fund was established to provide members with a Group Account for paying unemployment claims to the Unemployment Insurance Agency.

What is a Group Account?
A Group Account is a system whereby risk is shared, but not pooled, throughout the group members. Members make payments to the Fund basdc on their claims history once they have been a member of the Group Account for one year.

What are the Benefits?

  • Removes some of the immediate risks and uncertainties related to unemployment.
  • Allows a governmental entity to better budget for its unemployment expenditure, which cannot be done as a direct employer.
  • Enables members to spread claims costs over a longer period.
  • Provides the services of the Michigan Municipal League. .
  • Professional unemployment claims management services are provided to members through Equifax Workforce Solutions.
  • Unemployment claims are processed through an online software program that helps members improve their compliance with state regulations, streamline processes for responding to claims, and improve overall results.
  • Members have a self-service reporting software system that is available 24/7 to run reports and review outcomes for unemployment claims.
  • Provides consultation and representation at unemployment hearings.
  • Offers on-demand and live workshops on unemployment cost control.


Memorandum: Unemployment Act Changes August 2012 (PDF)

Unemployment Procedures Manual (2021) (PDF)

Shelly Shields
Director, Finance for Risk Management Services
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Administrator/Client Relationship Manager
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