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The Legal Affairs Division of the Michigan Municipal League is staffed by Christopher Johnson, General Counsel. In addition to acting as legal counsel for the League as an organization, the Legal Affairs Division also provides services to the League’s members in the following respects:

Assistance to Municipal Attorneys – The Legal Affairs Division works collaboratively with the Michigan Association of Municipal Attorneys (MAMA), the only chartered section of the League. Training institutes and seminars are provided to member municipal attorneys.

Legal Defense Fund – The Legal Defense Fund is used to assist in litigation and other legal matters involving a city, village or township, the outcome of which could have statewide significance. Membership in the Defense Fund is open to League members which pay a modest annual fee. Resources of the Fund are extended in cases which would have a considerable impact on Michigan municipal law and would affect the organization, operation, powers, duties or financing of Michigan’s communities. The typical form of assistance is the filing of an amicus brief to support the legal position of the community, most often in the Michigan Supreme Court or Michigan Court of Appeals. Christopher Johnson serves as Fund Administrator.


Assistance with Municipal Inquiries – The League’s general counsel is available to offer guidance and other assistance to the municipal attorneys of its members. League legal staff does not, however, provide formal legal advice or opinions for member communities.

Tax Tribunal – (PDF)
Bankruptcy (PDF)
Municipal Prosecution – Distribution of Fines and Costs Manual (PDF)

Michigan Legal BriefsMichigan Legal Briefs is a publication for city and village attorneys who are members of the Michigan Association of Municipal Attorneys. The Briefs summarizes recent Michigan court decisions, attorney general opinions, and selected federal cases.

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