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Legal Defense Fund

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Formed in 1983, the Legal Defense Fund provides support to communities in Michigan involved in significant litigation or other forms of controversy which could affect the organization, operation, powers, duties or financing of Michigan municipalities. The Fund is designed to assist, and not replace the municipal attorney, and offers assistance at the discretion of its Board of Directors.

Typically, amicus curiae briefs are filed on behalf of the Michigan Municipal League in state and federal courts and financed in whole or in part by the Fund. The Fund is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of the President and Executive Director of the Michigan Municipal League and the Board of Directors of the Michigan Association of Municipal Attorneys.

MML General Counsel Christopher Johnson serves as Fund Administrator.

LDF Amicus Brief Bank

Search the database of LDF amicus curiae briefs, from 1997-present by keyword, name of case, year, or a full text search of the case summary.

LDF Basics

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LDF Top 25 booklet (PDF)

Legal Defense Fund…A Summary of 12 Recent Cases

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Application (PDF)

Sample Resolution for requesting assistance (PDF)

LDF Board of Directors

Operating rules and procedures (PDF)

For further information about the Legal Defense Fund, contact:
Christopher Johnson, General Counsel
Phone: 734.662.3246

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