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The 2022/2023 data is now live! Click here to access>

About the Survey

The 2022/23 Statewide Pay and Benefits Survey of 143 titles is available to full member communities who participated in the survey, with automatic access provided to managers, department heads and elected officials.

The Michigan Municipal League conducts this wage and salary survey for the benefit of our member communities, and it is intended to be used by management employees, their designees, or elected officials working on behalf of member communities for official City/Village/Township business.

Can’t get access to the results?  The most common access issues are:

  • Your community did not respond to the survey, and only survey respondents are provided access to the survey results.
    Remedy:  Please take a few minutes and complete the survey.
    Really desperate?  Email [email protected] for more immediate assistance.
  • Your position/title of record with the League is not provided automatic access.
    We provide automatic access to managers/department heads and elected officials, and ask that other staff members request access to the survey through their department head or the manager.
  • Your MML record or username/password is outdated, incomplete or inaccurate.
    Remedy: register for a username and password
  • Your organization is not a full member, and therefore is not included in the survey.
    Remedy:  become a full associate member.

The searchable database allows users to search by position, population, location, and perform side-by-side comparisons of results from selected municipalities.

For more information or questions regarding this year’s survey results, please email [email protected].

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