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Performance Evaluation System Development

Whether or not an employee’s compensation is directly tied to performance, effective performance evaluation is a crucial component in ensuring organizational success. Done correctly, performance evaluation can be a manager’s best friend. Conversely, a poorly developed system, or one that is not appropriately applied, will cause enormous harm to an organization. We assist clients in getting through this daunting task using the following methodology:

  • Thoroughly exploring with the client what type of system is most appropriate for their organization, or whether multiple types are needed
  • Working closely with managers and employees to establish job-relevant evaluation criteria
  • Using focus groups to create behavioral anchors to guide the rating system
  • Facilitating the development of measurable outcomes to support goal-based systems
  • Providing options for integrating performance evaluation with pay decisions, if desired
  • Establishing a protocol for addressing performance issues and complete discussion of the importance of, and methods for, rewarding and promoting positive performance
  • Conducting a workshop to train the evaluators
  • Wrapping up with a “roll-out” of the system to all employees

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