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Human Resources Systems Audit

A Human Resources Systems Audit can be customized to focus on the client identified needs. It can range from a basic legal compliance audit to one that involves employee and labor relations issues and other, higher level concerns.

Activities include:

  • Extensive discussions with clients to identify needs and scope of audit
  • Comprehensive list of systems and issues to be included in the audit (i.e. recruitment, selection and hiring practices, the utilization and storage of I-9 forms, methods for designation FLSA status, management practices/policies, etc.)
  • Collection and review of all associated materials, documentation, enabling policy, etc.
  • Multiple site visits to examine systems and practices in action
  • Development of report that specifies areas of deficiencies and excellence
  • Recommendations for enhancing compliance with legal guidelines and general best practices
  • Implementation strategies and suggested timelines and priorities
  • Presentation of all findings

For more information please contact:
Consulting Services at [email protected]

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