Leadership and Professional Development Opportunities

We’re committed to providing community leaders an opportunity to showcase their skills through a variety of engagement opportunities at the League. Volunteers are essential in maintaining a strong, vibrant League, and we encourage you to find the right pathway to engage with us.

Kelly Warren, Director, Equity & Member Engagement
[email protected], (734) 669-6310

Emily Kieliszewski, Assistant Director, Member Experience & Learning
[email protected], (517) 908-0302

Leadership and Professional Development Opportunities

The League looks to members to lead in a variety of ways from specific legislative issue committees, to serving on an affiliate board, to moderating a session at the League’s Annual Convention. Here are just some of the ways in which you can take your leadership skills to the next level.

Legislative Committees
Legislative committees serve League members by providing general direction and legislative policy recommendations to the Board of Trustees and League staff on a variety of local government issues. Our advocacy efforts depend on input from the Legislative Governance Committee and five Policy Committees.

Elected Officials Academy Leadership
The Elected Officials Academy is committed to offering expanded educational programs for elected officials throughout the state to promote effective leadership in local government.  The EOA board has powers as granted by the MML Board of Trustees to administer and oversee the Elected Officials Academy. To qualify for the eighteen-member board, a member must be an active participating member of the EOA.

Michigan Municipal Foundation Leadership
The fundraising arm of the League, the Foundation is led by a strategic and passionate board of directors. Board members serve as ambassadors and partners as they support the Foundation’s goal of educating local leaders and creating vibrant communities. Directors may serve three three-year terms. For more information, please visit www.mmlfoundation.org.

Insurance Program Leadership
The MML’s two group self-insurance pools operate under the direction and control of their governing boards. The nominating committees of each program attempt to balance member representation between elected and appointed officials, geographically and by candidate qualifications. Insurance expertise is not required. Board members may serve up to twelve years, and commit to quarterly meetings around the state and an annual national pooling meeting. Expenses associated with service are reimbursed by the programs.

Affiliate Organizations
The League works with several tailored affiliate organizations that provide additional leadership, networking, and training to their members. These include organizations like the Michigan Association of Mayors, the Michigan Association of Municipal Attorneys, the Michigan Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials, Michigan Municipal Executives, and the Michigan Women in Municipal Government. There are also many other municipal affiliated organizations. For a full list of affiliates that members can get involved with, visit www.mml.org/about/affiliates.htm.

Voting Privileges
Full members enjoy voting privileges at the League’s annual business meeting, held yearly during our Annual Convention.

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