The Michigan Municipal League partners with MSHDA to create Statewide Housing Plan

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The Michigan Municipal League partners with MSHDA to create Statewide Housing Plan

First-ever Statewide Housing Plan aims to address housing affordability, accessibility across the state

ANN ARBOR, MI –The Michigan Municipal League has partnered with the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) to create Michigan’s first-ever Statewide Housing Plan (SHP), a five-year initiative charting priorities, goals and strategies to address the complex challenges impacting housing equity.

The SHP outlines five statewide housing targets that represent the very minimum of what will be accomplished from plan activities, including the preservation and creation of 75,000 affordable housing units, stabilization of 100,000+ households’ housing, increases in home energy and efficiency in 15,000+ households, and more. The plan also outlines eight priority areas, each with its own set of goals, strategies and outcome measures to guide action planning in regions across the state, as well as 37 goals and 134 strategies to create more robust pathways to safe quality, affordable housing for all Michiganders.

“The Michigan Municipal League has been instrumental in helping MSHDA understand the myriad barriers and challenges impacting greater accessibility to quality affordable housing for the people of Michigan,” said Tiffany King, MSHDA Equity and Inclusion Officer. “There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to affordable housing, and finding viable solutions requires the involvement and insights from numerous stakeholders like The League to ensure we are best addressing the needs of residents in every Michigan community.”

The SHP was created to identify and address the often linked social and geographic barriers and inequities historically preventing all Michigan residents from gaining access to affordable housing. For instance, 52% of the state’s homeless population are Black, despite making up only 14% of the overall population. The cost of housing has also risen dramatically over the last several years. Between January 2013 and October 2021, the average sale price for a home in Michigan increased 84%. Meanwhile, the average number of building permits being awarded for new housing construction is less than half that of pre-Great Recession levels.

“The Michigan Municipal League is a firm believer in community wealth building, which helps create strong and thriving communities for all,” said Barb Ziarko, who is President of the Board of Trustees for the League. “the Statewide Housing Plan speaks directly to the trust and belonging pillar of community wealth building. This initiative will create positive change for communities across the state through providing equitable resources for all our communities.”

Next steps include the creation of a new statewide housing partnership that will work alongside regional groups and Michigan’s Campaign to End Homelessness (MCTEH) to meet the goals of the plan. A public dashboard will also be created to report on statewide and regional outcomes.

For more information on the SHP, visit Statewide Housing Plan (

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