MML Foundation Launches 2022 Bridge Builders Microgrants Program

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MML Foundation Launches 2022 Bridge Builders Microgrants Program

Small Community Grants with Unlimited Potential

ANN ARBOR, Michigan – Multiple microgrants are now available for small, community-centered projects that will have a big impact.

The Michigan Municipal League Foundation today is launching its third round of the Bridge Builders Microgrants program. Applications open today, June 13, and close July 10, 2022.

The Bridge Builders Microgrants program helps turn Michiganders’ ideas, visions, and values for their community into reality.

Bridge Builders Microgrants offer small, one-time grants to people or organizations within Michigan Municipal League member communities. Projects are intentionally collaborative, bringing together neighbors, artists, business owners, elected officials, and more. These grants support the little things—dynamic, creative activities that bring people out of their homes and into their communities. And while these grants may be small they generate unlimited potential by strengthening local economies and social bonds in all the places Michiganders call home.

“We love Bridge Builder Microgrants because they support small projects that engage neighbors, make meaningful place-based change, and spark community energy and excitement for larger projects,” said Helen D. Johnson, President of the Michigan Municipal League Foundation.

This year’s program includes two funding categories:

Main Street Microgrants

Bridge Builders Main Street Microgrants award up to $5,000 to Michiganders, Downtown Development Authorities, or Commercial Improvement Districts in a Michigan Municipal League member community (click here to view the member list). Main Street Microgrants fund mini placemaking activities that bring together community residents, local artists, and small businesses. Applications must include at least one lead artist and at least three locally owned small businesses within a four-block radius of each other.

Neighborhood Microgrants

Bridge Builders Neighborhood Microgrants award up to $500 to innovative Michiganders, living or working in a Michigan Municipal League member community, to design and launch creative projects or events in their neighborhoods. These projects bring people together to celebrate, explore, or improve on what makes their communities special. This microgrant category is open to individuals, loose collectives, and nonprofit organizations.

Individuals and groups of people planning to complete projects in Michigan Municipal League member communities are eligible to apply. (League member communities include nearly every city and village, as well as multiple urban townships in Michigan. You can view the full list here.) Detailed information and grant applications are available at

“We are so looking forward to supporting place-based change with Michiganders through Bridge Builders Microgrants. Our state is home to so many creative, thoughtful people ready to celebrate their communities. We can’t wait to meet this year’s Bridge Builders,” said Rachel Skylis, program officer for the MML Foundation.

Project ideas could include but are not limited to:

• Placemaking activities that elevate cultural traditions using art and creative expression
• Events or other activities that reinforce our shared humanity and celebrate your community
• Performative pieces, such as pop-up movie screenings in parking lots, and street musicians
• Placemaking activities that bring together residents, businesses, and artists to transform a space

Visit to learn more and submit applications.

Those with questions or those interested in partnership opportunities should contact Rachel Skylis at 734-669-6333 or [email protected].


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