Michigan Municipal League Part of Housing Coalition Launching Legislative Agenda to Address Housing Crisis



Michigan Municipal League Part of Housing Coalition Launching Legislative Agenda to Address Housing Crisis

LANSING, Michigan – The Michigan Municipal League and League member communities are part of a coalition of organizations that launched a legislative agenda Thursday that aims to address the state’s housing crisis.

The League, as well as the cities of Ferndale, Muskegon, and Traverse City, are members of Housing Michigan, a coalition of over 20 statewide organizations and dozens of other regional groups, including the Home Builders Association of Michigan, Grand Rapids Chamber, Housing North, and many others. The group today (April 15, 2021) on the steps of the state Capitol unveiled their legislative agenda on the steps of Michigan Capitol in downtown Lansing.

“The Michigan Municipal League believes equitable, accessible and attainable housing is a key component of building community wealth,” said Jennifer Rigterink, executive committee member and legislative associate for the Michigan Municipal League. “We want to do all we can to assist municipalities to meet the housing needs of their residents and businesses. That’s what this coalition’s work is all about and we’re pleased to be a part of it.”

The legislative agenda is focused on addressing the state’s housing crisis through a series of bipartisan legislative initiatives. Numerous legislators, bill sponsors and supporters were in attendance, including Senators Brinks, Daley, Moss, Schmidt, and Victory, and Representatives Cambensy, Huizenga, Lilly, Sabo, and Tate.

“Today was a good day for Michigan as we addressed in a bipartisan manner a very serious issue – the state’s growing housing crisis,” said, Dawn Crandall, incoming Executive Vice President for Government Relations for the Home Builders Association of Michigan. “We cannot stress enough the urgency with which we need to focus on the legislative initiatives introduced today. We represent a diverse coalition of partners, but we speak with one voice because so much of our state’s economic future depends on our success.”

“Our members have said that housing supply and affordability is a critical workforce, talent and quality of life issue in West Michigan,” said Joshua Lunger, Senior Director of Government Affairs for the Grand Rapids Chamber. “Supporting a healthy housing market and the supply of attainable housing will have a positive impact on communities, residents and job providers across Michigan.”

The Housing Michigan Coalition is focused on creating and expanding tools for local governments to support the development or rehabilitation of housing supply that is attainable to more of Michigan citizens. The common principles around the various tax credit and proposed initiatives include:

  • Local Control & Flexibility – local units will be able to decide many of the terms of proposed programs, including affordability requirements, length of any credits and where assistance can be applied (e.g., allowing up to 120% of area median income (AMI) and program term lengths). In short, allowing housing tools to be applied based on local conditions and need.
  • Workforce housing – these tools will provide the most benefit for residents who have difficulty obtaining market-rate housing but have more income than would allow them to qualify for “affordable housing” assistance.

“Housing is consistently ranked at the top or near the top of barriers to progress in northern Michigan’s rural communities by leaders from business, non-profit, education, health care and beyond,” said Yarrow Brown, Executive Director of Housing North. “We are excited to see this bipartisan, bi-cameral group of legislators stepping up to take a proactive approach by giving our communities in northern Michigan and around the state the local tools to address housing access needs.”

The following legislative initiatives were introduced today:

Introduced Legislation


Sponsored By

Senate Bill #

House Bill #

Employer-Supported Housing Credit Sen. Victory & Rep. Huizenga 360, 361 4649, 4650
Attainable Housing & Rehabilitation Act Sen. Victory & Rep. Huizenga 362 4647
Re-Establish Code Promulgation Committee Sen. Daley & Rep. Tate 363 4648
Expand NEZ’s to Additional Local Gvt Units Sen. Moss & Rep. Bolden 364 4646

Coming soon!


Sponsored By

Residential Facilities Exemption Sen. Horn & Rep. Roth
Allow PILOTS for Housing Sen. Schmidt
Housing Impact Statement Sen. Daley & Rep. Tate
Community Land Trusts Sen. Victory & Rep. Lilly
Re-establish Authority of BCC Rep. Cambensy


For MML-related information about this announcement contact the League’s Matt Bach at (810) 874-1073 or [email protected].

The Housing Michigan Coalition consists of community, business, and government organizations whose efforts focus on increasing housing supply and affordability; enhancing the accessibility and affordability of homes; and supporting economic and job growth for all Michigan families. ​For detailed information on the legislative agenda, coalition partners and background information, visit

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