MML Opposes Disastrous HB 4722 on Short-Term Rental Issue

Matt Bach
Michigan Municipal League
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MML Opposes Disastrous HB 4722 on Short-Term Rental Issue

The following statement can be attributed to Michigan Municipal League CEO and Executive Director Dan Gilmartin. It’s regarding the late-night vote by the state House to approve House Bill 4722.

“The after-midnight vote by the Michigan House of Representatives to pass House Bill 4722 is an attack on families and the communities they call home. For months, community leaders and their coalition partners throughout the state have proposed compromise legislation on the short-term rental bills that would allow for appropriate and safe rental units across Michigan. The bill approved in the dark hours of Wednesday morning ignores these solutions and instead opens the flood gates to unregulated commercial-style rental units on every block in every community in our state. Who gains from commercial interests getting full access to our residential homes for revenue generating short-term rentals? Commercial investors, out-of-town business interests, and real estate brokers. Who loses? You and your community.”

“This calamity is entirely avoidable. This bill will pour lighter fluid on an already red-hot housing market should it become law, making it even harder for families to put roofs over their heads. Those voting yes on this legislation hold the responsibility for the entirely predictable and disastrous outcomes this measure will produce. Michigan residents deserve better. We implore the Senate to reject this rolling disaster headed to a neighborhood near you.”

To learn more about the compromise legislation supported by the League and its coalition partners, read this blog and this press release from the coalition 

For additional information, contact the League’s Matt Bach, assistant director of strategic communications, at (810) 874-1073 (cell) and [email protected].

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