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Statewide coalition offers bold and comprehensive vision to invest American Rescue Plan funding to build Michigan’s future

The Coalition for a Strong and Prosperous Michigan proposes a bold vision to build Michigan’s future by strategically investing in our residents, entrepreneurs, businesses and communities.

LANSING – A diverse, statewide coalition has collectively agreed to support a bold and comprehensive roadmap to invest, leverage, and amplify American Rescue Plan (ARP) resources. Called “From Rescue to Prosperity: A Roadmap to Michigan’s Future,” the plan is designed to make Michigan a magnet for talent, revive and strengthen the economy now and into the future and support thriving communities that can be enjoyed by all.

“This sweeping proposal is a strategic and innovative approach to improve communities through a system-wide partnership that uplifts our most vulnerable residents, invests in our workforce, and it provides business assistance to ensure we emerge from this pandemic stronger, more resilient and more prosperous,” said Mike Larson, President and CEO of the Michigan Association of United Ways.

The Coalition for a Strong and Prosperous Michigan represents a diverse mix of businesses, government organizations, local elected leaders, and statewide associations. Their aim is to advance a plan detailing the most impactful and strategic ways to invest Michigan’s ARP funding for future growth and prosperity. The coalition is presenting a bold vision to build Michigan’s future that capitalizes on the economic value of thriving communities, advances equity, builds community wealth, supports entrepreneurship, prioritizes the need for talent, and spurs business development.

The coalition’s Roadmap focuses on, and invests in, five key areas:

  • Infrastructure: Resilient and sustainable water systems ($2.5B) and high-speed broadband access ($500M)
  • Fiscal Health: Smart investments that provide stability for state and local government ($800M)
  • Thriving Communities: Attainable housing and community development ($805M)
  • Strong Economy: Economic development, business assistance, skilled workforce, and talent ($910M)
  • Public Health and Safety: Healthy and safe people, families, and communities ($500M)

“The pandemic has caused pain, suffering, and immense challenges, but it has also provided Michigan with an opportunity,” said Dan Gilmartin, executive director and CEO of the Michigan Municipal League. “At the core of this opportunity is the chance to invest one-time funding in initiatives that are strategically positioned to leverage additional resources that will amplify and sustain future returns.”

This collection of leaders has explored many options for investing ARP resources. To develop their comprehensive vision, they considered their issues, reviewed and incorporated ideas from others, developed new solutions, and worked hard to find common ground and will continue in that spirit moving forward.

“The Roadmap lays out the vision for a strong economy that supports significant investment in water infrastructure, attainable housing, and community development, and sets Michigan on a path to shared prosperity,” said Dawn Crandall, executive vice president of government relations at the Home Builders Association of Michigan. “But just like a roadmap shows the varying ways to reach your destination, we expect there to be robust discussion about this plan and are willing to work with leaders across the state to ensure we invest our ARP funds to achieve maximum returns for all. The bottom line is that we must use the funds strategically and emerge from the pandemic a stronger and more prosperous Michigan.”

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