Reimbursing Local Governments for COVID-19 Response Costs

For the calendar month of April 2020, please provide the following information relevant to your local unit of government:

Board Expense Form - Imported from

Part 1: Payee Information

(reimbursement will be sent to this location)
Reimbursement Payable To: *

Part 2: Mileage

(Reimbursement will be calculated automatically minus the first 100 miles driven.)

(total of "Daily Total" column)

Part 4: Miscellaneous Travel Fees

(parking, taxi, hotel, etc.)

Part 5: Upload Receipts

Maximum file size: 20.48MB

Part 5: Acknowledgement

I certify that the above expenses were all incurred while conducting League business in accordance to any applicable travel polices set forth by the Michigan Municipal League and have provided any applicable receipts as support to my reimbursement.
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