April 19, 2012

Personal Property Tax Elimination Hearings Begin in Senate

The Senate Finance Committee began testimony 24 hours after legislation was introduced to exempt portions of the personal property tax. The bills, SBs 1065-1072 would exempt all PPT under $40,000 in taxable value immediately for commercial and industrial. And, they…
April 19, 2012

Transportation extension may break logjam

With a 90 day extension of the current transportation authorization law already in place, the House has passed a bill that would add a additional 90 days and sets the stage for a conference committee with the Senate on their own…
April 18, 2012

Cell tower zoning pre-emption passes Senate committee

This afternoon the Senate Economic Development committee passed SB 1064, a bill that pre-empts local zoning when it comes to colocation of wireless communications equipment on an existing tower. The bill was introduced yesterday afternoon and quickly passed through committee…
April 17, 2012

Open Meetings Act bill passes House Committee

This afternoon the House Oversight, Reforms and Ethics committee reported HB 5459, a bill that amends the Open Meetings Act (OMA). The intent of the bill is to create more transparency when there are "emergency" meetings that are unable to…
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