Municipal Loan Bills pass House Committee

Posted on May 30, 2012 by sharkins

Last evening the House Local Government Committee reported House Bills 5566-5570, a package that amends the Emergency Municipal Loan Act to include school districts and amend the criteria for qualifying.

The substitute for HB 5566 (the main bill in the package) adopted by the committee is available here: HB 5566.h1.pdf (49.29 kb)

The current statute does not allow school districts to qualify for emergency loans. The legislation allows school districts to qualify.

In addition it requires that a municipality have levied the maximum number of mills it is authorized to levy as approved by the voters and also one of the following new criteria: 1) have one or more delinquent special assessments; 2) outstanding bonds, etc issued in anticipation of a contract with another local unit that has one or more delinquent special assessments; 3) be in receivorship subject to PA 4of 2011; or 4) a financial review by the Department of Treasury has indicated a financial emergency exists.

The new language allows a total of $100 million to be allocated over six years (the provision sunsets on September 30, 2018). A maximum of $20 million may be given to any one municipality or school district. The Department of Treasury must wait 30 days after this legislation is signed to authorize a new loan.

The bills now go to the full House for approval.

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