February 15, 2012

MDOT Call for 2015 Projects for Local Bridge Program

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is soliciting applications for candidate projects for the Local Bridge Program in which selected projects will be funded during the 2015 fiscal year. Click Here for more information and application requirements. The deadline for…
February 14, 2012

House committee holds hearing on posting bills

This afternoon the House Oversight, Reform and Ethics committee heard testimony on HB 5196, a bill that would require public entities to post wages and benefits for employees who receive more than $100,000 total compensation. It also heard testimony on…
February 13, 2012

Local Agency Force Account Workshop

As of February 1st MDOT has suspended the use of the force account by local agencies on federally funded projects for 90 days. MDOT will be conducting a review process which will include the Michigan Muncipal League during the 90…
February 11, 2012

President Obama releases 2013 budget

President Obama has released his 2013 budget recommendations.  And while the House and Senate will have their own ideas, the President's budget is at the very least set a marker for administration priorities. As a example, the President's budget includes specific ideas on how…
February 10, 2012

Mortgage Settlement Money for Michigan – Q&A

The Obama administration announced a settlement with the nations’ largest banks - Bank of America, Chase, Citigroup, GMAC/Ally, and Wells Fargo. This settlement culminates a year of effort on the part of the 50-state Attorney’s General lawsuit against mortgage loan…
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