March 2, 2012

House transportation legislation getting a remake

Facing stiff opposition from all fronts, House leadership in Congress is changing their proposed transportation authorization bill.  Although it is uncertain when the bill will be brought before the full House, it has gone from a 5 year proposal to…
February 29, 2012

Two inch rule heads to Governor

This afternoon the House concurred on the Senate-passed version of HB 4589, a bill that reinstates the two inch rule for sidewalk liability. The legislation has a rebuttable presumption that a sidewalk with a defect under two inches wasmaintained by…
February 27, 2012

PA 152 Frequently Asked Questions

This week the Michigan Department of Treasury put out a document to answer frequently asked questions regarding Public Act 152 of 2011.  The document may be found on Treasury's website, and the PDF version is available here: Public Act 152…
February 27, 2012

Legislature holds hearings on medical marijuana

Last week the House Judiciary Committee held hearings on medical marijuana and this week the hearings continue in both chambers. Last week the House Judiciary Committee heard testimony from the Prosecutors on issues dealing with medical marijuana. The House Committee…
February 27, 2012

2013 federal budget – Transportation, a closer look

Its been about two weeks since the President released his administration's 2013 budget proposal.  And while it is just that, a proposal, and there are certainly other issues before the Congress, I thought it would be a good idea to start taking…
February 27, 2012

House transportation bill remains a work in progress

As the Senate seems ready to move forward with floor debate on its version of a transportation authorization legislation, House leaders have stated their intent to revise what came out of committee. It is widely known that the House bill…
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