‘Rebuild With Us’ Effort Showing Signs of Hope Today in Congress

Posted on January 29, 2020 by Dene Westbrook

After months of keeping persistent and saying “Rebuild With Us” by the National League of Cities members and supporters, the U.S. House Democrats today released a plan to support the nation’s infrastructure. Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced an infrastructure bill this morning. The House is releasing their new infrastructure framework today (Jan. 29, 2020). Livestream of the press conference is available here.

This framework is the opening salvo for the House transportation reauthorization of the FAST Act. The early sneak peek of the transportation framework NLC officials saw highlights investing in communities, working with cities and regional transportation organizations, and it speaks to the NLC’s 2020 Cities Agenda on Sustainable Infrastructure. The biggest win of note – it also looks like there is some fantastic language on expanding local control over federal funds, which the NLC has been chatting with the Committee about with your help. Overall, this puts us in a good starting position on the FAST Act reauthorization.

Here is the NLC’s support statement:

The National League of Cities has called on Congress to step up their infrastructure efforts and rebuild together with local leaders. Today’s announcement of an infrastructure framework by the House infrastructure committees is great news for residents and communities across America,” said NLC President Joe Buscaino, Councilmember, Los Angeles, California. “Cities, towns and villages are ready to partner with Congress to bring a bold vision for transportation networks, water needs, and to invest in the skilled workforce needed to rebuild and re-imagine the infrastructure in our communities. We must invest in our country and our people by building up the places that we call ‘home,’ and we applaud Chairmen DeFazio, Neal and Pallone for leading with urgency.”

There will also be a key Ways and Means hearing on infrastructure funding at 1:30 p.m. EST today which you can watch here. Additionally, Republican Transportation Committee leads have also released their principles for reauthorization, which is a good start to bipartisanship with both majority and minority putting their goals out.

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